Bringing Your Home to Life

Filling your New Boston, Mount Pleasant & Texarkana, TX home with the essentials for modern life

Your home is more than four walls and a roof. In order to meet current standards you need running water and electricity flowing through your home. At ArkLaTex Affordable Homes, we can make your house livable with our new construction and remodeling services.

Interested in installing new faucets or showerheads? Do you want to add character to your home with a new coat of paint? We can warm up your kitchen with hardwood floors or cool down your bathroom with attractive tile. Update your home's look with custom tiling and new bathroom fixtures.

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Power, water and personal touches

ArkLaTex Affordable homes is here to provide you with not only the essentials for your house, but also the small aspects that will make your house fit you. Our services include:

Interior painting

Choose ArkLaTex Affordable Homes today and we’ll bring together the elements of your house to help make it a home.