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Save your time and your back by hiring a professional to paint your home.

DON'T WASTE TIME OR MONEY ON HOUSE PAINTING IN YOUR New Boston, Mount Pleasant & Texarkana, TX Home.

Are you sick of the way your home looks? You might be considering painting the exterior of your home. It seems simple enough - do some prep work, then paint. No big deal, right? Wrong. Painting the exterior of a house may not be that complicated, but it is time-consuming and can be incredibly frustrating without the proper equipment to prepare the house, then do the actual painting in a timely manner.

Why shell out money for the equipment you'll need to paint your home's exterior successfully and safely when you can hire a professional who can complete your job correctly in a timely manner? Arklatex Affordable Homes has over 25 years of experience helping homeowners in the New Boston, TX area get their homes looking sharp again in an efficient and professional manner. Arklatex Affordable Homes handles all the prep work, painting, clean up and disposal of all excess, potentially hazardous materials. Call or contact us today to schedule an estimate for your home's new look!